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From "Joe Wolf" <joe.w...@compsciresources.com>
Subject iBATIS objects getting into POJOs
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2006 17:18:34 GMT

I have a fairly interesting problem involving iBATIS 2.1.5 and XStream 1.1.2.  I have some
POJOs that get created by iBATIS when I run some queries.  I then serialize them to XML through
XStream--however, I'm getting a StackOverflowError when doing so.  Through debugging, I found
that XStream is eventually encountering within my POJOs a com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.exchange.DataExchangeFactory
object and then a com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.exchange.DomDataExchange object, and then it finds
another DataExchangeFactory and DomDataExchange, and so on, cycling until the stack overflows.
 But this begs the question, how are these ibatis objects getting into my POJOs?  

The only thing I can think of is that I'm using java.math.BigIntegers for my numeric IDs,
so I wrote a callback to help handle them:

public class BigIntegerTypeHandlerCallback implements TypeHandlerCallback {
  public void setParameter(ParameterSetter setter, Object parameter) throws SQLException {
    if (parameter != null) setter.setLong(((BigInteger)parameter).longValue());
  public Object getResult(ResultGetter getter) throws SQLException {
    return getter.getString() == null ? null : new BigInteger(getter.getString());
  public Object valueOf(String val) {
    return val == null ? null : new BigInteger(val);

In my sqlMapConfig... <typeHandler javaType="java.math.BigInteger" callback="gov.sec.acts.util.BigIntegerTypeHandlerCallback"/>

Perhaps my callback isn't working correctly, or I'm not specifying javaType="java.math.BigInteger"
in all of my resultMaps whenever I'm retrieving a NUMERIC id?  Any ideas?

Joe Wolf
CompSci Resources, LLC

Joe Wolf - Software Engineer
CompSci Resources, LLC

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