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From Ashish Kulkarni <kulkarni_ash1...@yahoo.com>
Subject one more question about Abator
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 19:59:51 GMT
I did configure Aator and ran to create sql mapping
for 1 table (PODATA), 
it worked but then created on more java class called
(PodataExample) and also in
CXASHTEST_PODATA_SqlMap.xml (CXASHTEST is schema name)
there is a xml tags for 
<resultMap id="abatorgenerated_PodataResult"
   <result column="SYSTEM" property="system"
jdbcType="CHAR" />
<!-- and a lot more -->

 <sql id="abatorgenerated_Example_Where_Clause">
 <isPropertyAvailable prepend="or"
        PDBLRF like #pdblrf#

and then some other things
Is it possible to get only 4 querries as
select column1, column2 from table1 where key =
#value# (where key is the primary key)
and then querry to insert, update and delete.

Also is there a utility which will create a java class
by running a stored procedure or sql statement, and
required setMethods class



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