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From Jose Luis Monteagudo <jl_monteag...@yahoo.es>
Subject The future of iBatis
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 09:31:38 GMT
Hello all, friends,
I'm working on my projects with iBatis two years ago more or less, and I found that iBatis
was the best way to map my SQL's to Objects. Now we have a new persistence standar, EJB3,
that promises that persistence will be very easy to implement in our new projects. EJB3 is
quite similar to Hibernate, but until now iBatis fits better on my projects than Hibernate.
Without purpose to offend and without purpose to create a war, I would like to know if somebody
that had tested EJB3, could explain if on new projects is better to use iBatis or EJB3. I
know that it depends on some factors, it depends on the type of the application and it depends
on the schema design of the database, but could somebody explain his/her thoughts about if
EJB3 will be universally spreaded and will finish killing iBatis, or iBatis will continue
being a solid option to persist our objects ?
Thank you very much for your time 


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