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From "Yusuf" <Yu...@ekalife.co.id>
Subject RE: [ABATOR] Future Plans
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 04:16:44 GMT
Dear Mr. Jeff Butler,
I don't know if this is the correct place to ask or request for
additional wishes for Abator, but I was wondering if Abator supports a
feature to autogenerate resultmaps for example maybe like this:
I have a SELECT statement like this:
<select id="getPerson" resultMap="personResultMap"
    SELECT a.col_a1, a.col_a2, a.col_a3, b.col_b1, b.col_b2, c.col_c1,
    FROM table1 a, table2 b, table3 c
    WHERE a.col_PK = b.col_FK and b.col_PK = c.col_FK
    AND a.col_PK = #param1#
    AND a.col_a1 = #param2#
then the autogenerated result would be:
<resultMap id="personResultMap" class="map">
    <result property="col_a1" column="col_a1" jdbcType="VARCHAR"/>

    <result property="col_a2" column="col_a2" jdbcType="NUMBER"/>
    <result property="col_a3" column="col_a3" jdbcType="DATE"/>
    <result property="col_b1" column="col_b1" jdbcType="VARCHAR"/>

    <result property="col_b2" column="col_b2" jdbcType="NUMBER"/>
    <result property="col_c1" column="col_c1" jdbcType="VARCHAR"/>
    <result property="col_c2" column="col_c2" jdbcType="VARCHAR"/>

Thank you...

-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Butler [mailto:jeffgbutler@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 3:29 AM
To: dev@ibatis.apache.org; user-java@ibatis.apache.org
Subject: [ABATOR] Future Plans

In response to some common questions, I want to provide some guidance
about enhancements I'll be making to Abator in the coming weeks.  My
hope with the 0.5 release is to gain some additional real world feedback
beyond my own team.  I really appreciate the feedback I've received so
far, and I appreciate the time that several have invested in testing. 
There are two major themes for the next release of Abator (which should
be available within the next two weeks):
1. Break the tie with Eclipse as much as possible.
By far the most common request I've heard is that people want to run
Abator outside of the Eclipse environment.  While it is technically
possible to do this now, it is not really practical with Abator in its
present form (the task of documenting how to do this is large).  I am
working on a slight refactoring of Abator that will allow it to more
easily run outside the Eclipse environment ( e.g. as an Ant task, or
with some simple Java code).
It turns out that the Eclipse code is only essential in two areas: Java
source formatting and merging of a newly generated Java class with an
existing class.  In the next release, these functions be supported
out-of-the-box only when Abator is running as an Eclipse plugin.  But I
will provide an interface where these functions could be "plugged in"
for other environments.  This should make it easier to integrate Abator
into other platforms (like NetBeans and IntelliJ).  Note that I'm not
providing integration into those platforms with the next release, I'm
only saying that it will be easier to do. 
2. Improve extensibility.
I will make it much easier to extend the default code generators and
alter their function (i.e. - you will be able to create additional Java
classes, or change the behavior of one or more generated methods). 
If anyone has additional wishes for Abator, I'd be more than happy to
hear them.
Note that none of these enhancements will change the function of Abator
in the Eclipse environment, or will change the format of the XML
configuration file.  So you can continue to use Abator as is without
fear of losing anything when the new release comes. 
Hope that helps -
Jeff Butler

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