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From Zeltner Martin <martin.zelt...@elca.ch>
Subject How to know the column name when I have the property name?
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 15:56:39 GMT
Hello everybody,

As in Hibernate I'd like to have something flexible in Ibatis to execute
searches. For that I've got an array of criteria objects. Such a criteria
can look like this:

public class Criteria {
    private String field;
    private Object value;
    private String sqlOperator;

    public String getSqlCriteria() {
        return field + " " + sqlOperator + " " + value;

     // plus getter and setter for the properties above.

By this Ibatis can combine an sql with the given criteria object by using
property #sqlCriteria#.

The problem is now that I don't know the correct column name (field). I just
know the property name of my bean that don't have to be the same. Example:

public class MyBean {
    private int key;

    public String getKey() {...}
    public void setKey(int key) {...}

CREATE TABLE mytable (
  keyid                     INTEGER        NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,

So I just know that the property name is "key" but I don't know that in
database the column has name "keyid".

How get I know this?
OR, does somebody can tell me a solution where I can pass the criteria array
directly to Ibatis without using method "getSqlCriteria"?

Thanks a lot for any comments!

Best regards,

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