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From Perry Nguyen <pfngu...@hanhuy.com>
Subject Interfaces for domain objects and resultMaps, how??
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 02:55:30 GMT
I have interfaces for all of my domain objects, thus, I have something 
like this contrived example:

interface Person {
   Address getAddress/setAddress
   String getName/setName

interface Address {
   String getStreetName/setStreetName

class ConcretePerson {
   // implement Person interface
class ConcreteAddress {
   // implement Address interface

Person and Address are in a 1:1 relationship.

Say I want to load the address object in a join with person, how do I do 

<resultMap id="myResult" class="ConcretePerson">
   <result property="name" column="PERSON_NAME"/>
   <result property="address.streetName" column="ADDR_ST_NAME"/>
<!-- using the above resultMap results in an InstantiationException 
because Address is an interface -->

<select ... resultMap="myResult">
   select p.name as person_name, a.name as addr_st_name
   from person p, address a
   where p.addr_id = a.id

Alternatively, I tried
<resultMap id="myResult" class="ConcretePerson">
   <result property="name" column="PERSON_NAME"/>
   <result property="address" resultMap="myAddrResult"/>
<resultMap id="myAddrResult" class="ConcreteAddress">
   <result property="streetName" column="ADDR_ST_NAME"/>

This results in an instantiation exception as well, except the exception 
occurs while attempting to populate a List for the address property.

Are there any solutions for this?  IBATIS-225 looks promising, but that 
is so far down in the list and this problem is blocking me currently...

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