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From Olivier Ziller <olivier.ziller.li...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Abator - a Java Code Generator for iBATIS
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2005 09:23:30 GMT
hi Jeff,

this looks great : i've just tested it with a simple mysql example and 
it's working fine. I think your work will be a major argument for using 
iBatis (when we have to deal with hibernate evangelists)

i will try to use it in my project (mysql and oracle with blobs) as soon 
as the current release will be stable enough.

i've just a question regarding key class... Don't you think it will be 
useful that the object class can automatically instanciate the 
corresponding primary key object? it will be useful when you're working 
on an object and want to delete it.

regarding the auto-generated code it would also be useful to add a 
custom comment at the start of each file (license for example)... 
nevertheless it's a detail.

sorry for my english i try to make my best...

thank you!

Jeff Butler a écrit :
> I am very pleased to announce that a new Java code generator for 
> iBATIS is now available - Abator.
> Abator generates SqlMaps, Java domain classes, and (optionally) Java 
> DAO classes.  It uses Database Metadata as input, and is highly 
> customizable.  Abator runs as a Eclipse plugin (Eclipse 3.0 and 
> higher).  It is intended to be run iteratively as your project and 
> database mature, so it will not overwrite any hand coded changes you 
> make to any of the generated files.
> The core code generation functionality of Abator does not require 
> Eclipse, and can be run as a standalone JAR - I'll post some 
> instructions about how to do that if anyone is interested.  As a 
> standalone JAR, Abator only generates code - it does not try to save 
> the results, or try to merge the generated code with any already 
> existing files.
> I have tested Abator extensively with DB2 and MySql, but not other 
> databases.  I would sincerely appreciate any feedback related to other 
> databases, or about its core functionality.
> This is release 0.5.0 of Abator, and it is classified as an Alpha 
> level release.  I anticipate that public testing could reveal some 
> issues, so I have refrained from calling it 1.0.0 yet.  But I feel 
> confident that the code is "ready for prime time" - I have been using 
> it on a project for some time with good results.
> Check it out here:
> http://ibatis.apache.org/abator.html
> Enjoy...
> Jeff Butler

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