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From "VIJAISENTHIL, P. K." <vijaisenthil.padmanab...@kumaran.com>
Subject pass a RECORD TYPE parameter to procedure
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 22:39:47 GMT

I have to pass a parameter to a procedure which takes RECORD TYPE.

And this is my TYPE declaration.

TYPE pass_per_type is RECORD (per varchar2(1));
TYPE pass_per_table is TABLE OF pass_per_type INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER;
pass_pers pass_per_table;

procedure attendance_entry(p_pass_pers IN pass_per_table);

Can you please let me know, in what way I need to pass parameter to this procedure using iBATIS?
If we cannot do this is there any other alternative way to handle this situation?

Thanks and Regards
Vijai Senthil P K
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