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From Jeff Butler <jeffgbut...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: iBatis with JNDI and WebSphere and MS-SQL Server
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 01:37:03 GMT
iBATIS *always* closes connections - something else must be going on.
  Please send your sqlmapconfig file showing how the data source is
 In my experience, WebSphere needs the attribute "SetAutoCommitAllowed" set
to false. See here:

 Here's how to do logging:

 This is for WAS 6.0, but the principles are the same for WAS 5.0.
 Jeff Butler

 On 11/7/05, ibatis@rpkb.com <ibatis@rpkb.com> wrote:
> All,
> I'm having a really odd problem that I would greatly appreciate help with.
> My
> company is trying to use JNDI with WebSphere targeting MS-SQL Server. In
> short, when the web session times out, a read to an authentication
> database
> causes that database to be locked to such an extent that no other
> sessions,
> users, or clients can even do a read on those database tables. Due to the
> trace log messages, IBM is convinced that 'my' code is not closing the
> database
> connections, and says that I should correct my code. Well, I'm using
> iBatis,
> and it's pretty clear to me after looking at the source that those
> connections
> should be closing. IBM has suggested a work-around which will cause
> uncommitted transactions to commit rather than rollback. I have managed to
> convince them, I think, that a rollback should not do what it is doing
> regardless of my actions. This may 'fix' my problem, but they remain
> adamant
> that I am not properly closing my database connections and that I should
> correct my code.
> Below are some of the specific, but condensed, details about what I am
> trying to
> do. As I have been working with IBM on a PMR for about 10 weeks, copious
> details are also available upon request including a sample war file and
> trace
> logs from WebSphere.
> Background:
> • Target production server is WebSphere <> on
> iSeries, but problem was
> found on WS5.1.1.4 for Windows
> • User authentication is through Windows domain
> • Group has been using iBatis for approximately 2 years now
> • MS-SQL Server 2000
> • Application is 'intranet' only
> Application
> • First, Java web application forwards to a specifically created MS-IIS
> application. The Windows user name is then written to a 'GateKeeper'
> database
> using the jsession id as the key. IIS application then forwards back to
> the
> java web application. (That way, no security information is passed
> directly
> back to the java web application.)
> • Java web application reads the security information associated with the
> user
> based upon the jsession id. Security string (xml) is stored in the session
> data.
> • User may then perform queries against the 'pubs' database. (MS-SQL
> standard
> testing database, deployed by default with every MS-SQL server.)
> • When the web session times out, if a user attempts to perform another
> query,
> they are forwarded to a notification page. The user may then click to be
> re-authenticated, and it all starts over again.
> Problem details:
> • If the web session times out, and the user clicks to follow the link to
> re-authenticate, then the database tables are locked. This is very
> duplicatable; it happens every single time.
> • Locks are for the entire table, and prevent any query action whatsoever
> • Problem has been on WebSphere <> and WebSphere
> <> on Windows.
> • Problem occurs with both MS JDBC drivers and WebSphere embedded drivers
> • Problem only occurs using JNDI.
> • Using JDBC with iBatis without JNDI does not exhibit any problems.
> • Problem will only occur if read of pubs database occurs
> • "Kill spid" command from SQL Server will terminate the connection and
> free all
> users. Otherwise, only stopping the entire server will kill the
> connection.
> • In trace log, IBM notes the following: WebAppTransac E WTRN0043I:
> LocalTransaction rolled-back due to setRollbackOnly IBM has a tech note at
> http://www-1.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21141640 which they
> contend
> will fix the problem. Unfortunately, it will also cause an automatic
> commit of
> a transaction, if the developer was careless and an exception occurs.
> • No other exceptions or anomalous events occur
> Questions
> • Under what circumstances will iBatis not 'close' database connections,
> i.e.,
> return them to the pool?
> • Am I missing something that I need to do in iBatis that wasn't required
> when
> not using JNDI?
> • How do I set up logging for iBatis under WebSphere? Can this be done as
> part
> of the trace file so that it is all packaged together?
> Thanks in advance for anyone who has the patience and time to look at
> this. I
> realize that this is rather lengthy, but I also realize that it may not be
> nearly enough information to determine what is actually going on.
> Thanks!
> Rich
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