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From Larry Meadors <lmead...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Dynamic tables.
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 16:59:04 GMT
On 11/2/05, Ben Munat <bent@munat.com> wrote:
> Larry Meadors wrote:
> > DDL != SQL :)
> >
> There may be other ways of defining a DDL, but to most people it means "create", "drop"
> and "alter", which are ANSI SQL.
> It seems disingenuous of iBatis to claim it -- as David points out -- "provides the full
> power of SQL", when it doesn't support three of the most common commands. And...

ANSI SQL, or not, I have to disagree. Look at youe SQL logs sometime,
and count the number of times insert/update/delete/select statements
are run and compare them to the number of times alter table is run.

99.9999% of the SQL used by an application is supported by iBATIS, and
of course you are always free to try the other 0.001% if you want.

To say that this does not represent "the full power of SQL" is a
stretch at best.


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