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From Larry Meadors <lmead...@apache.org>
Subject Re: N+1 with column renaming
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 05:51:30 GMT
I generally name my key fields uniquely, but leave the others what
they are, for example:

create table Fruit (
  fruitId int,
  name varchar(30)

Then if I join to another table with a "name" field, I alias them to
include the table name (so, in this case i would use "fruitName").

That said..it really does not matter for the N+1 selects solution,
becuase it relies on the property names, not the field names. :-)


On 11/1/05, Paul Benedict <paul4christ79@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Maybe someone has encountered this problem and would
> like to lend a hand.
> Many of the tables that I have have column names that
> are not unique across tables. At the moment, I have
> taken the solution to rename each column in my query
> and each resultMap knows what to look for:
>   <resultMap id="fruitMap" class="Fruit">
>     <result property="id" column="f_id"/>
>     <result property="name" column="f_name"/>
>   </resultMap>
> So I have the convention that any columns from the
> Fruit table will be returned as f_, anything from the
> Vegetables column be v_, etc. This then allows me to
> query multiple tables when solving the N+1 problem and
> not get things confused.
> But is there a better way?

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