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From netsql <maill...@roomity.com>
Subject [OT ANN] Roomity v 1.5 w/ video, social networking and html editor + JDNC article
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 17:33:57 GMT
Roomity.com v 1.5 is a web 2.01/RiA poster child community webapp. This new version ads broadcast
video, social networking such as favorite authors and html editor.
It likely already has groups and content you are already using but aggregated and safer, including
technology, Java, etc., but it only works on broadband.

 You can get to ibatis mail list via http://ibatis.roomity.com (and happens to use iBatis
;-) itself


<a href="http://iBatis_for_Java_Users_List.roomity.com">iBatis_for_Java_Users_List.roomity.com</a>
Your Roomity Broadband Webapp ~~1131125637636~~

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