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From 张鑫宇 <ZHANGXINYU...@PAIC.com.cn>
Subject A question about Map results??
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 08:32:25 GMT
if the resultMap class is a HashMap,and a property in it is a javabean class,it has serval
properties. How to set the resultMap for the property?
I write the resultMap like under,but it doesn't work.
 <resultMap id="result-map" class="java.util.HashMap">
      <result property="product" javaType="”com.ibatis.example.Product”" column="{id=PRD_ID,description=PRD_DESCRIPION}"
 <statement id="sqlTest" resultMap="result-map">
       select PRD_ID,PRD_DESCRIPION from product
How to set the product property?

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