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From Eugeny N Dzhurinsky <eugeny...@jdevelop.com>
Subject Re: paginated list
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 07:45:01 GMT
On Fri, Nov 04, 2005 at 08:22:29AM +0100, Zsolt wrote:
> The MySql driver loads everything into the memory (unless you use LIMIT),
> thus if paginated list just skips records it seems to be use less. Its
> functionality can be replaced with List.subList(int fromIndex, int toIndex).
> My log just show java.sql.ResultSet returned by ibatis, and that contains
> only a page. Are you sure that paginated list just skips records? In this
> case we have to replace it because we work also on huge lists and cannot
> load a couple of 100,000 records into memory to display for example 20.

How did you configure logging to show java.sql.RusultSet statements?
I tried to play with this for about 2 month, and all what I found is I need to

which will return everything logged by prepared statements and result sets,
but it will not log anything in case if I specify

I'm using log4j 1.2.9 and iBATIS_DBL-

Eugene N Dzhurinsky

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