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From "Manikandan.R, ISDC Chennai" <manikand...@hcltech.com>
Subject Inserting Blob Data in Oracle 9i
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 16:48:50 GMT
We are doing some feasibility analysis on IBatis SqlMapper. We are using
Oracle 9i database and ojdbc14.jar as driver, and we have external
Typehandlers for clob and blob data and are matched to String and byte
array respectively. As for as fetching blob and clob from database there
is no issue. Whenever we tried to insert some binary data of size
greater than 4k we come across an issue of 'connection reset by peer -
socket write error'. We persume that this error is because of taking lot
of time to execute the query. What could be the change we need to do, to
resolve this issue.

thanks in advance, 
Manikandan R. 

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