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From Larry Meadors <larry.mead...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Trying to understand selectKey
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 18:57:42 GMT
You would do this (or close):

<insert id="insert">
 INSERT INTO person (lastname, firstname) values (#lastname#, #firstname#)
 <selectKey property="personId">SELECT curval('persons_id_seq')</selectKey>

After calling the insert method, your bean (or map) would have the
personId property set.


On 9/30/05, Alan Chandler <alan@chandlerfamily.org.uk> wrote:
> I am not really sure I understand fully what selectKey is trying to do.
> My situation is this.
> I have a postgres table  "PERSONS" with a primary key of ID which is of type
> SERIAL.  In Postgres this means an automatic creation of a SEQUENCE, and a
> default value in the column of nextval('persons_id_seq')
> I want to create the transaction to insert a new person into the PERSONS
> table, but I need to know the ID that it has been created with, so that I can
> use that.
> There are two options (I think) from a SQL point of view
> 1) Within a single transaction
> SELECT nextval('persons_id_seq')
>  - which will output a single value - and which I can pick up in a resultclass
> of int using iBatis, then
> INSERT INTO persons (id , ...) values (#id#,...) where id is the value
> returned in the int
> 2) Within a single transaction
> INSERT INTO persons (data but no the id)
> SELECT curval('persons_id_seq')
> and use the value returned from select statement as the ID of the inserted
> row.
> Where does selectKey fit into this - does it perfom the attached select with
> the insert automatically within the same transaction without manually needed
> to define the transaction boundaries?  What else does it do?
> How to I get back the ID from the API when I call the SqlMap.insert routine.
> --
> Alan Chandler
> http://www.chandlerfamily.org.uk

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