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From "Carlos de la Flor Egiluz" <cdelaf...@serikat.es>
Subject probe that my ibatis runs. SOS please help me
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 08:29:12 GMT
Hello i am one new user with ibatis and i cannot probe my application, i
dont know how i must to made it.
i have the bellow xml config files and java file.

now how can i probe that it runs?
how can i made one java class for running this?
can you help me please?
i am with this problem during 3 days and i don't know how can i made it.
please help me

the SqlMapconfig.xml file is this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE sqlMapConfig
PUBLIC "-//iBATIS.com//DTD SQL Map Config 2.0//EN"
	<properties resource="ibatis/mapeos/SqlDatabase.properties " />
	<settings cacheModelsEnabled="true" enhancementEnabled="true"
lazyLoadingEnabled="true" maxRequests="128" maxSessions="10"
maxTransactions="5" useStatementNamespaces="false" />
	<typeAlias alias="order" type="testdomain.Order" />
	<transactionManager type="JDBC">
		<dataSource type="JNDI">
			<property name="DataSource" value="java:comp/env/jdbc/dsDIT" />
	<sqlMap resource="ibatis/mapeos/categorias.xml" />

the categorias.xml file is this.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<sqlMap namespace="getCategoriaById" parameterClass="int">
	<select id="getCategoriasById" resultClass="ibatis.mapeos.CategoriasObj">
		cateid, catetitulo, catedescripcion, cateidioma, catefalta, catefbaja,
		FROM categorias
		where cateid = #value#

the CategoriasObj.java file is this:

package ibatis.mapeos;
import java.sql.Date;
public class CategoriasObj {
	private int	cateid;
	private	String catetitulo;
	private	String catedescripcion;
	private	String cateidioma;
	private	Date catefalta;
	private	Date catefbaja;
	private	String catestado;
		public String getCatedescripcion() {
			return catedescripcion;
		public Date getCatefalta() {
			return catefalta;
		public Date getCatefbaja() {
			return catefbaja;
		public int getCateid() {
			return cateid;
		public String getCateidioma() {
			return cateidioma;
		public String getCatestado() {
			return catestado;
		public String getCatetitulo() {
			return catetitulo;
		public void setCatedescripcion(String string) {
			catedescripcion = string;
		public void setCatefalta(Date date) {
			catefalta = date;
		public void setCatefbaja(Date date) {
			catefbaja = date;
		public void setCateid(int i) {
			cateid = i;
		public void setCateidioma(String string) {
			cateidioma = string;
		public void setCatestado(String string) {
			catestado = string;
		public void setCatetitulo(String string) {
			catetitulo = string;

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