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From "Patrick Lightbody" <patr...@jivesoftware.com>
Subject Vendor specific queries?
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 23:25:22 GMT
Hey guys - great work on iBatis. I finally spent some time on it and I
must say I prefer this method of storage much more than other options
out there. In fact, the next version of WebWork (which I am a developer
for) will contain integration with iBatis. Now, on to my question:

I've seen in the docs where vendor-specific features, especially around
sequence handling, are done like so:

<select name="insertFoo-ORACLE" .../>
<select name="insertFoo-MYSQL" .../>

What I can't tell is if this is just some naming convention, or if
something trickier is going on here. Can iBatis run certain "versions"
of a statement based on the database vendor it is currently connected
to? If not, maybe this would be a good feature to add? In fact, any
place a query could be written, if there could be an optional "vendor"
attribute that could be used, that would be great. The end result would

<select name="insertFoo" ...>
        <selectKey keyProperty="ID" resultClass="long"
            SELECT nextval('category_seq') as ID
        <selectKey keyProperty="ID" resultClass="long" vendor="oracle">
            SELECT nextval('category_seq') FROM dual as ID
        INSERT ...
        <selectKey keyProperty="ID" resultClass="long" vendor="mssql">
            SELECT @@IDENTITY...

Patrick Lightbody
Professional Services
Jive Software
317 SW Alder, Ste 500
Portland, OR 97204
ph (503) 295-6552
fx (503) 961-1047

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