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From reub...@sonic.net
Subject documentation beyond the basics / resultMaps
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 22:04:24 GMT

Can anybody recommend articles or books which cover Ibatis in more depth
that the "quick start" guides that are linked to from the site?

For example -- I am interested in learning how to chain resultMaps
together; I realize that I can use "select" within resultMap to chain onto
another query. However, if my relationships are:

a ---< b

how can I map it so that I can query for a specific "a" and have the
resulting bean populated with its "b" children, given that it is the "b"
table that references "a" by foreign key?

Additionally, do I have to explicitly list all parameters in the
resultMap, or can I leave out the columns which have a default name
mapping (e.g. foo / setFoo(...))?

Thanks in advance,

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