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From Hycel Taylor <hyc...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Doing Batch Processing with IBatis from DAO Manager
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 16:13:19 GMT
Hi again Clinton,
 I got some sleep, looked at my code again and I now stand corrected on a 
few issues. The insertCampusCourse method, was working properly. There is a 
simple rule that I forgot about batching and that it is, you cannot search 
for data that is currently being batched because none of the batched 
commands have been committed. So, I modified the insertCampusCourse method 
accordingly. It now looks like the following:
 *Map<String, CampusCourseVO> campusCourseMap = new HashMap<String, 
public CampusCourseVO insertCampusCourse(BaseExam exam, String 
protectedCourseId) throws Exception {
CampusCourseVO campusCourse = new CampusCourseVO();

final TermVO term = new TermVO();
CampusVO campus = new CampusVO();
CourseVO course = new CourseVO();

campus = campusService.findByProtectedId(exam.getEscoId()); 
course = courseService.findByProtectedId(protectedCourseId);


Integer termId = campusCourse.getTerm().getTermId();
Integer campusId = campusCourse.getCampus().getCampusId();
Integer courseId = campusCourse.getCourse().getCourseId();

String key = termId.toString() + "|" + campusId.toString() + "|" + 

*final CampusCourseVO temp = campusCourseMap.get(key);*
if (temp == null) {
*campusCourseMap.put(key, campusCourse);*
return campusCourse;
} else {
*return temp;*

In essence, I'm now storing CampusCourse value objects in a HashMap after 
they have been posted. This works quite well because out of the 400,000 
student exams that were taken for the given course, only 1500 campuses gave 
the exam.
 With this being the case, I'm going with the notion that my 
BatchControllerService is also working properly. BatchControllerService 
calls BatchControllerDao. BatchControllerDao uses 
getSqlMapExecutor().startBatch() and getSqlMapExecutor().startBatch() for 
batching. So, if I've understood things correctly, SqlMap has the ability to 
batch all SQL statements between a sqlMap.startBatch and sqlMap.executeBatch() 
(See code below):
 public class *BatchControllerServiceImpl* extends ServiceBase implements 
BatchControllerService {
BatchControllerDao dao;
public BatchControllerServiceImpl() {
dao = (BatchControllerDao) daoManager.getDao(BatchControllerDao.class);

public void startBatch() {

public int executeBatch() {
return dao.executeBatch();

public class *SqlMapBatchControllerDao* extends SqlMapBaseDao implements 
BatchControllerDao {

public SqlMapBatchControllerDao(DaoManager daoManager) {

public void startBatch() {
try {
} catch (SQLException e) {
throw new DaoException("Unable to startBatch", e);

public int executeBatch() {
try {
return getSqlMapExecutor().executeBatch();
} catch (SQLException e) {
throw new DaoException("Unable to startBatch", e);

So, I now only have two questions:

1) Are my above assumption correct?
2) Is this a good way to handle batching using IBatis Dao's?

Thank you for your patients.


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