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From "Akins, Greg" <Greg.Ak...@am.sony.com>
Subject RE: Eclipse plugin
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2005 11:45:04 GMT
Eclipse will rename packages and either ignore, or include matching
strings in other resource files in the project...

The only thing I would think might enhance the Ibatis experience is if
there was a refactoring that specified classes & sqlMaps without having
to worry about any other xml files that might contain the package name
(though why you wouldn't want to rename those also, I don't know).  Or
maybe something that acted more intelligently 

Ie., given this mapping

<typeAlias alias="eventCode"

  <resultMap id="eventCode" class="eventCode">
    <result property="id" column="EVT_CODE"/>
    <result property="desc" column="EVT_DESC"/>

Renaming the EventCode object to EventType would also rename the alias,
and all instanced to eventType.

Not sure how useful that would be.

I think it might be more useful to have some kind of validation on the
XML - POJO mappings.  I'm sure you could build some xdoclet stuff to do
code generation and minimize these errors, but to add some continuous
compilation/validation into the IDE would catch most of my stupid "fat
finger" errors;')

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From: Larry Meadors [mailto:larry.meadors@gmail.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 7:33 AM
To: user-java@ibatis.apache.org
Subject: Re: Eclipse plugin

I use IDEA - it does that sort of refactoring, and I thought eclipse
did, too.


On 9/13/05, Joachim Hoffmann <j.hoffmann@mine-it.at> wrote:
> Are there any plans for the integration of iBatis into Ecplise 3.1?
> ... e.g in order to use an XML editor from within the IDE and be able 
> to benefit from Refactoring, e.g class rename, and package 
> rearrangement I'm a bit weary to externalise package names and class 
> names to an xml file, and to have manually update the map files when 
> class structures change during development.
> What  IDE-tools/xml-editors are others using for Java/iBatis 
> development?
> Cheers,
> JoHo

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