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From "Alejandro Canales" <...@eigen.com.mx>
Subject How to get working ibatis within WebSphere JTA
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 19:37:50 GMT
Hi all


We are using iBatis SQLMaps 2.1.15 on a WebSphere App Server 5.1.

In the transaction manager section of the SQLMaps XML (configuration) file
we need to qualify entirely the  JNDI name for the JTA User transaction in
order to iBatis do a successful look in the JNDI tree:


<transactionManager type="JTA">

                        <property name="UserTransaction"

                        <dataSource type="JNDI">

                                   <property name="DataSource"




The problem in websphere is that if we need to deploy this ear on another
server (app server) we need to expand the ear file, modify the JNDI string
for UserTransaction to set the servers name  in the sqlmaps file and
repackage the ear. As you can imagine, this is not what we want.

This problem seems to be a WebSphere issue, since in other application
servers we usually use the JNDI name jnd/UserTransaction or so and
everything works fine.


My question is:

Did anybody know how to set the JNDI name for the user transaction without
qualifying all the "cell/node." stuff in WebSphere?


Thanks in advance.


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