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From "Jeff Butler" <dhsc...@cstone.dhs.state.il.us>
Subject Re: Xml Validation
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 21:25:25 GMT
Replying back to the list so everyone can see...

This could be a known issue that was fixed in 2.1.5.  Did you just
recently change to the new URL from the  the old location
"http://www.ibatis.com/dtd/sql-map-2.dtd" ?  You can only use the new
ibatis.apache.org location with iBATIS version 2.1.5.  Clinton
references the issue in the 2.1.5 release notes - something about
improved entity resolvers.

Also, the runtime validation checking is coded to automatically use the
DTDs in the JAR file - you don't need to do anything to make this work. 
To change it would involve compiling your own version of iBATIS
(probably not worth it for this issue).

My recommendation is to use
http://ibatis.apache.org/dtd/sql-map-config-2.dtd with iBATIS version
2.1.5 and later, otherwise use "http://www.ibatis.com/dtd/sql-map-2.dtd"
with older versions.

Jeff Butler

>>> >>>
Jeff, it was a runtime issue.  In the xml documents we referenced the
dtds via http://ibatis.apache.org/dtd/sql-map-config-2.dtd.  In a web
app, how should we reference them to get them out of the .jar files?



Thanks in advance,


Joe Chambers

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