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From Bing Qiao <qiaob...@gmail.com>
Subject IMPLICIT_TRANSACTIONS and sqlmap Transaction
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2005 10:30:10 GMT

I'm using sqlmap transaction in java to call a stored procedure:
try {
      rtn = ServiceFacade.updateActionStatus(this.getPayment().
      if (rtn) {

    finally {

public static boolean updateActionStatus(int paymentid) {
    try {
      sqlmap.update("updateActionStatus", new Integer(paymentid));
    catch (Exception e) {
      return false;
    return true;
updateActionStatus is mapped to a stored procedure.

It seems that to make the transaction work, I can't use SET
IMPLICIT_TRANSACTIONS OFF in this stored procedure without putting
something like a query before it.

In other words, if I call two stored procedures in the transaction
block. If the first one is a query and the second one an update with
SET IMPLICIT_TRANSACTIONS OFF in it. The transaction works.

However, if the update is called first, the transaction does not work.

BTW, the update stored procedure has its own transactions too.

I could drop the  SET IMPLICIT_TRANSACTIONS OFF to make it work. But
there are dozens of others. Could somebody advice a right way to use
both sqlmap transaction in java and MS SQL Server's transactions in
stored procedures. And how to handle the SET IMPLICIT_TRANSACTIONS

Thanks very much!


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