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From Koka <226...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Multiple select queries in one select tag
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 21:26:49 GMT
I'm bringing this topic UP cause IMHO I've found some more arguments
why iBatis users may need to have multiple statements executed in one
statement tag.

1. Sometimes we have some fields (simplest example = default values,
or some calculated values) set at the database side, so after an
INSERT statement we need to retrieve default/calculated values just
like we retrieve Autonumber or sequence values. OK, one can 'select'
in next statement (what I curently do)...

2. To my taste, I prefer to issue "select 0 from tablename for update
nowait"  PRIOR to update/delete statement in oracle to make sure
web-request will not wait for indefinite time but just report that
someone is editing the record (again, I have to issue two statements
for update = nowait+actual update) and combine them in CODE - would
prefer to combine in SQLMap

3. (Inspired by the thread discussing temporary tables and requests
for sql verification)
Well, seems soon we'll have tools verifing our statements against the
database (unit tests?). Hmm, if I 'select' from temp table I need to
test that select statement is executed only after the  creation of
temporary table...

So, do we need multiple Statement contained in a single Statement tag? 

Certainly we'll survive without :)
Wondering what you think, folks

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