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From Oleg Shpak <o...@rap-x.com>
Subject Re: transaction rollback
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 06:43:53 GMT

make sure you are using a table type which supports transactions such as 

A statement like below can show you which type/engine you are using

show create table <tablename>;

it outputs the following:

CREATE TABLE <tablename> (
) Type=InnoDB ... ;
(or ENGINE=InnoDB for MySQL 4.1).

If the type is MyISAM then rollback just does nothing.

If you specify InnoDB type explicitly when creating tables, but they get 
MyISAM type then check you my.ini/my.cnf file and comment out 
'skip-innodb' line.
Consult on-line doc for detailed documentation about configuration of 
InnoDB engine.


Eugeny N Dzhurinsky wrote:

>I'm trying to rollback the transaction with SqlMapClient.
>the source looks like
>//some insert/select calls
>the inserted data remains in the table, but is shouldn't (it's unit-test)
>there is MySQL at the backend.
>Any ideas?

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