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From Louis Letourneau <louis.letourn...@mail.mcgill.ca>
Subject Re: Multiple DaoManagers + transactions
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 20:05:18 GMT
Actually, you made me reallise that I misread the code.
The contextInTransactionList kept in the StandardDaoManager in non-static ThreadLocal.

non-static is the keyword here.

Which means that each DaoManager will have their instances of the context.
But, it also means, that each of DaoManager instance will have a different value in every

contextInTransactionList instances = DaoManagerInstances * number of threads in which they
are used.

Which is exactly what we want.

Thanks for helping me see the light.

Prashanth Sukumaran wrote:
> Hi Louis,
> Logically it should not.  Coz., they are two different instances.  Each DAOManger will
have their
> own Connection object when they started respective transactions.  So the commit will
> respectively connection objects. Right.
> For ex., when you say startTransaction() deep inside the ibatis code you have
>          new JdbcDaoTransaction(dataSource); for a JDBC and similarly for JTA, SQLMap
> Each of these hold a connection object and hence should not colide with each other.
> Rgds
> Prashanth Sukumaran.
> --- Louis Letourneau <louis.letourneau@mail.mcgill.ca> wrote:
>>  I'm trying to understand the problems/issues of using multiple DaoManagers in the
>>Say I have 2 jars:
>>Both use Ibatis DAO. So, somewhere in their initialization, each makes a call to
>>DaoManagerBuilder.buildDaoManager(...) and keeps their DaoManager instance somewhere.
>>If in a thread I call a method that uses the daomanager of MyApp and in the same method
I use
>>the daomanager of TheirLib, won't the first commit of the 2 commit everything?
>>// Code in MyApp.jar
>>public void testMethod() {
>>  daoManager_.startTransaction();
>>  try{
>>    doSomethingWithTheAppDaos();
>>    TheirLibMethod(); <--- Somewhere in here there is a theirLibDaoManager.commitTransaction();
>>    daoManager_.commitTransaction();
>>  }
>>  finally {
>>    daoManager.endTransaction();
>>  }
>>Since the contexts/transactions are kept in the TLS (thread local storage) doesn't
>>daomanager instances step on eachother (as long as they are used in the same thread)?
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