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From "Josh" <giga...@comcast.net>
Subject How would you perform CRUD operations on a "table per subclass"?
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2005 02:07:15 GMT


Given the following:


create table application_user (

    user_name varchar(35) not null,    

    password varchar(255) not null,

    first_name varchar(50) not null,

    last_name varchar(50) not null,

    email varchar(255) not null,

    password_hint varchar(255),

    enabled bool,

    constraint pk_application_user_user_name primary key (user_name)



create table team_administrator (

    user_name varchar(35) not null,

    team_id int8 not null,

    constraint pk_team_administrator primary key (user_name)




ApplicationUser is currently an abstract class.  TeamAdministrator extends





How would you perform inserts/updates using this design?  Is it better to
keep you classes 1:1 with database tables when using IBATIS?





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