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From Clinton Begin <clinton.be...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Doing Batch Processing with IBatis from DAO Manager
Date Sat, 13 Aug 2005 14:23:29 GMT

Our DAO layer is a persistence abstraction layer...that is, it has no 
concept of batching, as it's specific to JDBC and relational databases. The 
you can batch statements, and control the execution of them by simply 
writing your own executeBatch() method.

I recommend writing a single DAO for this, with the batch control methods. 
So your code would look something like this:

try {
} finally {

All of your SQLMap DAOs (or JDBC DAOs) will have access to batch control 
methods within the DAO.

Hope that helps.


On 8/10/05, Hycel Taylor <hycel1@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm converting my home grown custom DAO's over to IBatis sqlMaps and
> the IBatis DAO's. I'm finding IBatis a lot simpler to use than my
> own. However, I need to do a lot of batch processing and I need to do
> it from the DAO tier. With my custom DAO manager, I simply passed the
> same connection to all the DAO's and batching was pretty transparent
> and simple. For example, I would instantiate my DAO's with the
> following code:
> private Connection destConnection;
> private SchoolDAO schoolDAO;
> private MajorDAO majorDAO;
> private CourseDAO courseDAO;
> =20
> destConnection =3D
> connectionFactory.getConnection(ServiceConnectionFactory.CUSTOM_CONNECTION
> )=
> ;
> final ServiceConnection serviceConnection =3D new
> ServiceConnection(destConnection, true, "MaxDB");
> final DAOFactory daoFactory =3D new DAOFactory(serviceConnection);
> schoolDAO =3D (SchoolDAO) daoFactory.getDAO(DAOFactory.SCHOLE_DAO);
> majorDAO =3D (MajorDAO) daoFactory.getDAO(DAOFactory.MAJOR_DAO);
> courseDAO =3D (CourseDAO) daoFactory.getDAO(DAOFactory.COURSE_DAO);
> I would do insertions, updates or deletes using the given DAO's, for N
> (say 1000) iterations. Then I would use a method like the following
> to execute a batch.
> private void doBatchUpdate() throws SQLException {
> schoolDAO.executeBatch();
> majorDAO.executeBatch();
> courseDAO.executeBatch();
> destConnection.commit();
> destConnection.close();
> }
> This has been very powerful for me. Because no matter how complex my
> model and no matter how many DAO's I happen to be using, I can easily
> accomplish my task. I've even moved this capability up to my service
> tier. By passing in a connection at the service tier I have
> simplified my code even further because a given service class may one
> or more DAO's.
> I would like to have the same functionality using IBatis Data Access
> Objects. Currently, I don't understand how to do this using your DAO
> Manager. You have a clear example of how to do batching directly
> using SqlMaps. But, I need to be able to do batching at the DAO tier.
> Please, could you explain to me how I may do Batch processing using
> IBatis DAO's.
> Thank you.

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