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From Steven Pannell <steven.pann...@zooplus.com>
Subject Problem getting BLOB from oracle
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2005 15:39:26 GMT

I'm trying to get a BLOB from an oracle 10g DB but all I get are the first
few bytes.  I have the latest jdbc14.jar from oracle and the map looks like

    <resultMap id="testMap" class="TestBean">
        <result property="content" column="document" jdbcType="BLOB"

    <select id="test" resultMap="testMap" parameterClass="long">
        select document from document_table where id =  #value#

My bean is as so..

public class TestBean {

    byte[] content;

    public byte[] getContent() {
        return this.content;

    public void setContent(byte[] b) {
        content = b;


What am I doing wrong?? I followed the wiki note...but still no joy.  anyone
some tips??


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