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From Abdullah Kauchali <abdullah.kauch...@isanusi.com>
Subject Re: iBATIS 2.1.5 is out (despite the website)
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 14:03:05 GMT
Clinton Begin wrote:

> I'm still not sure why we'd ever support RowSets.  The whole point of 
> iBATIS is to move data between the database and objects.  If you're 
> using a RowSet, you don't have any objects to map to, so what would be 
> the advantage?  I suppose iBATIS still has a simpler API, is that 
> enough to make RowSet support worthwhile?

Hi Clinton,

We are busy completing a project that uses a Java web service to 
communicate with a Delphi (Win32) client application.  On the Delphi 
side, we are entirely driven by Microsoft's ADO and Borland's 
(ADO)Dataset aware components.  This is a convenience we want to rely 
on.  So, in the end, the output to the web service client has to be in 
our desired format viz.  ADO XML (not even ADO.net!).

So we have two options:

1.  Obtain stock (iBatis) XML return types from the service-tier and do 
the conversion on the clients (but this will require us to obtain object 
meta-data manually somehow - and we need object meta-data for ADO to 
work on the client side.);
2.  Do the XML output directly from the JDBC ResultSet in ADO-XML format 
on the /server/.  This will always be a more efficient approach than 
doing the (XSL-type) conversions on the server (not client).

So, we would like to pursue the possibility of option 2.

But, yeah, servicing our web service client is the objective here.

I hope I've answered the question.  :)

Let me know if you disagree violently!  :-D



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