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From "Darek Dober" <doover...@op.pl>
Subject Re: synchronization between DB and ibatis sqlmaps
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 14:27:43 GMT
Because of laziness:)
Writting test cases takes some time.

I'm developing application using Tomcat, and I start to realize, that testing on real application
takes to much time, including deploying, logging on, and so on.

At the beginning it seemed to be a good choice, but it isn't. I have the problem with refreshing
sqlmap files by tomcat (it was mentioned on this group, but doesn't work for me), so I have
to deploy and reload application. Even using ant to reloadTask and than logon is a little
slow. So test case seems to be the fastest way.

What is your advice.
Is building test cases  the best practise and fastest of doing this?


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  From: Clinton Begin 
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  Subject: Re: synchronization between DB and ibatis sqlmaps

  Why wouldn't you have test cases to test your statements anyway?


  On 7/20/05, Darek Dober <dooverone@op.pl> wrote:
    Do you have any solutions for that?

    Let's assume, that something changed in database, i.e names of tables or
    columns. And you forgot to change it.

    As far as I know I cannot check if sqlmap command is still valid, unless i 
    execute it. It is difficult to execute and check all of the sqlmaps. Bean
    are checked at creation of ibatis instance so you get an error, but what if
    something changed in database?

    One of the way is to write test case, which should test all of the sqlmaps 
    against any changes.

    Is the simplier way to check correctness of all sqlmaps

    Darek Dober

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