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From Nathan Maves <Nathan.Ma...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Note on WIKI useage
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2005 14:56:40 GMT

Like many other open source solutions that I use, this site has it  
correct.  They ask new users to search for their problem in both the  
Wiki and the mail archives.  Of course it would be nice it they read  
the manual first.  If they can not find a solution they are more then  
welcome to ask it on the alias.

Most of the support people only have time to respond to email.  If we  
find that it is a common problem and we have a solution we will post  
it to the Wiki.


On Jun 24, 2005, at 7:36 AM, Rahul Singh ( Anant ) wrote:

> Larry,
> Most people who are using the wiki probably don't use the Mailinglist
> because it is a source of support. Why not just create a simple page
> which would let people ask questions from the web, and an email would
> be sent to the lists.
> People need to be either told the purposes of the different support
> mechanisms ( for different types of people ) or a better systems
> should be used altogether.
> I have been using Yahoogroups to manage groups for ASP.NET and Rainbow
> Portal. Users have a nice web based view of the questions/answers and
> they don't complain.
> I think what needs to be done is a simpler support page.
> Instead of showing multiple options on the front page, why not make a
> page just for support. (http://ibatis.apache.org/help.html) would be
> an excellent place to have this. Currently it has all the right
> information in exactly the wrong places.
> People are going to use the tools the way THEY think they should.
> Unless the site pushes them to do it another way, they will continue
> to post questions on the WIKI.
> Rahul
> On 6/24/05, Larry Meadors <larry.meadors@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Please, please, please do NOT post support questions on the WIKI
>> unless you are adding them to the FAQ *WITH AN ANSWER*.
>> The WIKI is NOT a support forum.
>> Any unanswered questions on the WIKI will be deleted.
>> Larry
> -- 
> Rahul Singh
> CEO, Anant
> rahul.singh@anant.us

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