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From John Fereira <ja...@cornell.edu>
Subject Re: Note on WIKI useage
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2005 17:58:45 GMT
At 01:32 PM 6/24/2005, you wrote:
>Not sure if you are telling everyone that we do use JIRA or are
>suggesting that we use it.
>Either way here is the link to the JIRA

I was speaking of open source project documentation and the use of whatever 
issue tracking system (if any) it uses.  We've run into the same 
documentation issues that are being discussed here on the JA-SIG uPortal 
project.  In fact, I gave a presentation on uPortal documentation at the 
recent uPortal conference that was partially motivated by frequent 
occurrences of posts like "I'm have a problem trying to do ....and I 
couldn't find anything in the documentation".  Invariably the answer often 
boils down to "where did you look?"  Quite often the problem has been 
previously encountered and probably resolved but the resolution might be 
documented on the mailing list (how may people search the archives before 
answering a question on the email list???), the main web site, on the wiki, 
or via comments in the issue tracking system.  Most recently we've found 
that the use of JIRA is a real good method for documenting resolutions to 
problems but it's not always obvious to users of the technology to look 
there first.  The fact that iBatis is using Jira (as are many other ASF 
projects) is certainly (IMHO) one of the reasons that several *are* lauding 
the quality of the documentation.  The main point of my post was to inform 
people that issue tracking systems are a good first stop for looking for 
resolutions to problems they are encountering.

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