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From "Nilesh Bhattad" <nil...@outlinesys.com>
Subject Reports using iBatis
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 21:53:50 GMT
I need to generate some reports using iBatis, JSP/XSLT. For example, one
report should list out all the companies and each company will have the
list of employees associated with that company.
CompanyNo.        CompanyName
1                                                                    ABC
Pvt Ltd
EmpNo       EmpName
1                                            Emp1
2                                            Emp2
2                                                                    XYZ
Pvt Ltd
EmpNo       EmpName
3                                            Emp3
4                                            Emp4
Is there a way to write sql statements in iBatis which will produce the
output as List of HashMaps where each hashmap will carry a child list
alongwith current record data..? Once I get the output in this fashion,
I can write JSP/XSLT code accordingly which can print the report in
above format..
Would someone please suggest a way of generating this kind of report? I
apologize if a similar question was already asked in this forum.
~ Nilesh

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