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From Kris Jenkins <krisajenk...@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject Re: [HELP] Ibatis properties with oscache
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 15:30:28 GMT

The answer to the first question's easy:

    new GeneralCacheAdministrator( properties );

As for thoughts on the second one...well, the <cacheModel> element 
already supports nested <property> elements as setters.  Perhaps it 
could try and pass the properties as a Properties object instead, iff 
there's an appropriate constructor.

Or maybe add something springish like a <constructor-property> element?


> Hmmmm...this might require some investigation.  Here's how you can help: 
> Investigate how OSCache allows properties to be specified 
> programmatically at runtime.  Once that's been figured out, we might 
> be able to provide some mechanism whereby you can pass OSCache 
> properties into the cache model definition as part of the call to 
> SqlMapClientBuiler.
> Cheers,
> clinton
> On 5/24/05, *Marco Berri* <marco.berri@bluestudio.it 
> <mailto:marco.berri@bluestudio.it>> wrote:
>     Hi all!
>     I would ask anybody if you know the way to configurate OSCACHE while I
>     inizialized SQLMAPCLIENT.
>     I need to understand  the way to setting property that fixes dynamic
>     cache localization on the disk: now this property is only
>     configurable
>     by OSCACHE.PROPERTIES configuration file, settled in to the CLASSES.
>     Anybody could help me?
>     Thanks a lot
>     El sciur Berri (likewise the "Iene" one).

Kris Jenkins
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