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From Brandon Goodin <brandon.goo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Struts and iBatis
Date Sun, 29 May 2005 07:29:23 GMT
I'm not really sure why you need a tutorial on Struts and iBatis.
iBatis is it's own product and should not depend on struts whatsoever.
I think your best bet is to read the ibatis documentation and the
iBatis Tutorial. I believe the Ricks tutorial is based on iBatis 1.x.
There is also the JPetstore 4 app that is based on struts. But it is
not a "standard" struts approach and may be a bit confusing. However,
the JPetStore 4 Struts takes an approach that modernizes the Struts
framework to be more like the new generation web frameworks like JSF.


To give you a quick approach... The standard layerd approach is
Applications -> Service -> DAO. Application would be the layer that
would consist of Struts. The Service layer would consist of coarse
grained business logic and would contain NO knowledge of the
datasource. The DAO layer would consist of fine-grained calls to the
datasource and WOULD have knowledge of the datasource. The Service
Layer and the DAO layer should have their implementations hidden
behind interfaces. The common thread through all of these layers would
be your Domain/Model objects. The Domain objects can be seen as the
elements that each layer is concerned with. The Application Layer
displays and populates them as a result of user input. The Service
Layer operates on them as they pass through the path of your business
logic. The DAO layer transfers them to and from the datasource.

Hope that helps,

On 5/29/05, Subbiah <subbiah@utdallas.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have started working in Struts and planned to use Struts and iBatis. I
> actually studied Struts thru Reumann's site and when I was abt to use iBatis
> in my sample app, his site was down. I want to know
> - if there are any good tutorials for iBatis and Struts.
> - Any idea when the site might be up
> Thanks.
> regards,
> Subbiah

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