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From Rob Butler <crodste...@yahoo.com>
Subject is this possible?
Date Mon, 30 May 2005 05:02:31 GMT
I want to create a statement that performs inserts (or
updates, or creates tables) that can have the table
name as well as the number and type of the columns
determined at run time.

Assume a Map has two entries, tableName and records. 
Records is a List of record objects.  Record objects
have 3 values, fieldName, value and type.  fieldName
is the name of the column, and type is the JDBC type
of the column.  Value is always either a Date, Integer
(object, not primative), Long (object, not primative)
or String.

So assuming everything above, would the sqlMap segment
below work?

<insert id="insertRecord"
   insert into $tableName$ 
     <iterate open="(" close=")" conjunction=", ">
     <iterate open="(" close=")" conjunction=", ">


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