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From Oscar Picasso <oscgoo...@yahoo.com>
Subject Cache entry invalidation on updates
Date Sun, 22 May 2005 20:08:48 GMT
Is there a way to invalidate a cache entry on update?

Let say I have the following select using a cache model (result class = User):

select id, username, password from users where useraname = #username#;

and the following update (parameter class = User):

update users
set password = #password#
where username = #username#

Following an update, I want the select statement to retrieve a fresh User but I
don't want all the cache entries to be flushed.

I cannot make it work: the select statement returns the 'old' user.

At first I though that this was the purpose of a read-write cache. But I am
under the impression that read-write caches are unrelated to the invalidation
of particular cache entries on inserts or updates.

Am I right?

Any idea of how to do what I want?

Oscar Picasso

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