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From "Narasimha Prasad" <pras...@dbo2.com>
Subject Question on dynamic prepend and using multiple properties
Date Tue, 17 May 2005 04:41:43 GMT
Here is a problem that I am facing.


My parameter class has two counts, say countA and countB and I need to use
these in a ‘HAVING’ clause in the sql query.  Both the values could be

For eg. if they both have values, the query would look like:


Select ….

--- from…


HAVING ( countA > 5 and count B < 10 )


I tried using nested dynamic clause, but looks like it is not supported.  

<dynamic prepend="HAVING">


   <isNotEmpty property="countA">

     count > #countA#



   <dynamic prepend="AND">

     <isNotEmpty property="countB">

       count < #countB#






Is there any other approach to solve this problem, other than going thru and
checking every combination of countA and countB ?  Any help/suggestion is






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