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From "Michael Glitzner" <michael.glitz...@inode.at>
Subject Stored procedures not working?
Date Sat, 28 May 2005 21:38:26 GMT
I am having a problem with stored procedures in iBatis. I use the
FireBird (JayBird) JDBC driver connecting to an InterBase-Server.
My SqLMap.xml file looks the following:
      <select id="validateUser" parameterClass="ebet.User"
            SELECT COUNT(*) FROM WEB_KUNDEN WHERE username=#userName#
AND passwort=#password#
      <resultMap id="mainSportsResult" class="ebet.MainSport" >
            <result property="caption" column="HSPBEZ"/>
            <result property="code" column="HSPART"/>
            <result property="sorter" column="P_SORTKZ"/>
      <procedure id="selectMainSports" resultMap="mainSportsResult"
            {call WEB_HSPORTART(#language#, #company#, 0, #betMode#)}
In general iBatis is working in my application for simple queries, so
this could be no database or application problem I think. But when I try
to execute the procedure:
-> I only get 1 DataSet back in the List object - but when executed 
-> directly on the db (using the same parameters like in my application)

-> I get around 6 DataSets - how could this be??
Am I doing anything wrong in my SqlMap?? I really have no idea anymore
and it would be a pleasure to read any of your suggestions ... 
Thanks and greetings, Michael

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