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From Vic Cekvenich <net...@roomity.com>
Subject Re: Please Help in arguing for iBatis SqlMaps
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2005 01:50:13 GMT
Kaushik Ashodiya wrote:

> Hi,
> I have hard time arguing for iBatis SqlMaps (not because something 
> wrong with SqlMaps).
> Please give me more reasons so that I can convince them.
> Their argument:
> 1. For small project SqlMap is adding unnecessary complexity.

It's simpler than JDBC.

> 2. Why learn one more tool when you have a simple base data access 
> object that gives you connection, prepared statement and a result and 
> does cleanup? (only when extended class calls cleanup() !!!)

Becuase you do not even have to do any of that, it's simpler.

> 3. Generally open source projects dies shortly and does not have support.


> 4. Adding many jars of those open source projects make out project 
> more complex and un-maintainable.

vs writing  NEW code, unit testing and documenting.

> 5. What if SqlMaps goes out of market? It is fairly new and not hardened.

I've used it for a few years on several clients. I never discsuss 
technology w/ client, I just talk about reqruiemtns and screens. So it's 
not new and it has a lot of users.


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