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From "Abeyratne, Sam" <sam.abeyra...@cingular.com>
Subject Is there a way to construct an sqlmap that takes a List as well as another variable?
Date Fri, 29 Apr 2005 17:53:51 GMT
Hey All,


Here is the scenario. My sql has an iterate tag which iterates a select
statement based on a list of sid values I am passing. In addition, I
want to pass another variable. I tried a few options such as passing a
ParameterMap, extra ParameterClass, etc, but haven't had any luck. I
have enclosed an example SQL for reference. The '$[]$' will take a list
of sids. I want to be able to specify another value in the where clause
(i.e., ?data?). The iterate with the single list works fine. I am having
issues when I try to introduce another variable.


Any insight would be much appreciated.






      interface_name as SYSTEM_NAME,

      sum(backlog_val) as BACKLOG_VAL,

      sum(backlog_last1) as BACKLOG_LAST1,

      sum(backlog_last2) as BACKLOG_LAST2,

      sum(backlog_last3) as BACKLOG_LAST3



      <iterate open="(" close=")" conjunction="UNION ALL">



        sum(decode(i.BACKLOG_VAL,'',0,i.BACKLOG_VAL)) as BACKLOG_VAL,

        sum(decode(i.BACKLOG_LAST1,'',0,i.BACKLOG_LAST1)) as

        sum(decode(i.BACKLOG_LAST2,'',0,i.BACKLOG_LAST2)) as

        sum(decode(i.BACKLOG_LAST3,'',0,i.BACKLOG_LAST3)) as

        from INTERFACE_STATUS@$[]$ i,

          ( select distinct interface_name

          from interface@$[]$

          where category=?data?


        where SYSTEM_NAME is not null

        and a.interface_name = i.system_name

        group by a.interface_name



      group by interface_name

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