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From "Fabrizio Gianneschi" <fabrizio.giannes...@gruppoatlantis.com>
Subject R: R: PaginatedList & 'google like' results
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 09:00:09 GMT
I like displaytag, too, but I was not able to use it in this case ('Google
like' list), because it doesn't have a way to force by hand the number of
results returned by the count query.

If I remember well, page numbers were autocalculated by the tag itself,
using the list passed as a parameter.
So we switched to another less featured but simpler tag (Pager Taglib) and
used displaytag only for small lists.

It would be great if you have a working solution that we didn't found...

Is this thread starting to be a little off-topic? :)


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Da: Zoran Avtarovski [mailto:zoran@conads.com]
Inviato: lunedì 21 marzo 2005 11.23
A: ibatis-user-java@incubator.apache.org
Oggetto: Re: R: PaginatedList & 'google like' results

DisplayTag (http://displaytag.sourceforge.net/) in combination with
iBatis is fantastic. You don't have to store the list in the session and
if you design your app well the ibatis cache reduces your db hits to a
minimum, improving performance. Plus it has host of added extras such as
dynamic sorting, exporting different formats, grouping and a load more.

I had no problems implementing it and the forums on sourceforge have
been great.


Guido García Bernardo wrote:

> Thank you very much.
> I don't like the Brice Ruth idea of using the session to store the
> PaginatedList object.
> Finally I've done it this way, using a ListWrapper instead of using a
> com.ibatis.common.util.PaginatedList.
> My ListWrapper implements java.util.List and contains:
> - isFirstPage/isLastPage/isMiddlePage, getPageIndex, getPageSize
> methods, so my JSP is 'compatible' with the previous aproach using
> PaginatedList.
> - getRowCount, getPageCount, so now I can do a 'google like' paginated
> list.
> Regards.
> Fabrizio Gianneschi wrote:
>> I'm used to execute two queries (count + select) for each stament in
>> this
>> kind of situations.
>> The code is hidden in the DAOs, so the business/web layers are not
>> aware of
>> the strategy.
>> The following is the generic method I use:
>> private List executePagedQuery(Object params, int offset,
>>                 int limit, boolean countResults, String query, String
>> countQuery) {
>>        List l = super.getList(query, params, offset, limit);
>>        if (countResults) {
>>            Integer size = (Integer) super.getObject(countQuery, params);
>>            ListWrapper wrapper = new ListWrapper(l, size);
>>            return wrapper;
>>        } else {
>>            return l;
>>        }
>>    }
>> "ListWrapper" is a simple java.util.List wrapper that espose a
>> constructor,
>> used to inject the maximum number of results, which PaginatedList
>> doesn't
>> expose.
>> I think you should put the two queries in the same transaction, also.
>> Regards,
>> Fabrizio
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>> Da: ggb275@tid.es [mailto:ggb275@tid.es]
>> Inviato: venerdì 18 marzo 2005 12.13
>> A: ibatis-user-java@incubator.apache.org
>> Oggetto: PaginatedList & 'google like' results
>> Hi,
>> I am using ibatis PaginatedList functionality for paging through search
>> results,
>> and I would like to add the ability for a user to go to the last page
>> of the
>> results
>> (something like Google results) instead of having to page through big
>> result
>> sets as
>> it is done in JPetStore4:
>>  <logic:notEqual name="orderBean" property="orderList.firstPage"
>> value="true" >
>>    <a href="switchOrderPage.shtml?pageDirection=previous">PREV</a>
>>  </logic:notEqual>
>>  <logic:notEqual name="orderBean" property="orderList.lastPage"
>> value="true" >
>>    <a href="switchOrderPage.shtml?pageDirection=next">NEXT</a>
>>  </logic:notEqual>
>> Is this possible or should I do two queries (my actual "select fields
>> from..."
>> and a new "select count(*) from...") to achieve it?
>> Thank you very much,
>> Guido.
> - Guido García Bernardo - ggarciab@itdeusto.com
> ITDEUSTO - Valladolid

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