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From "Grier, Michael" <Michael.Gr...@dexmedia.com>
Subject Question regarding connection management in nested executions
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 13:57:48 GMT
I've run into problem using iBatis with an object that does lazy
loading. The scenario is a business object that has a property that is
evaluated by a dynamic SQL element. The implementation of the property
get method is that it accesses another object that may in the same
thread attempt to load data using the same SQL map config.

The behavior of iBatis in this circumstance is that the nested execute
gets the same connection of the outer execute and ends up closing it so
that the outer call fails.

I have several options for avoiding this problem but am wondering
whether this represents a bug in iBatis or if it is a known and accepted
limitation of the framework, or perhaps there is an obvious solution on
the iBatis side that I am missing.



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