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From "Jim Shea" <js...@traq.com>
Subject CacheKey collision frequency
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 22:28:20 GMT
Clinton, et al:
I ran into an issue today which turned out to be caused by a CacheKey
collision using version 2.0.0. Basically, the arguments to the statement
in question were two small integers and so the CacheKeys turned out not
to be very well-distributed.
The CacheKey.update() method in 2.0.9 (which is what is going in with
the next version of our app) appears to differ slightly and doesn't
display the pathological behavior for the specific arguments which I
tested. What I was wondering, however, is 
1) if you'd done any experiments to convince yourselves of the
robustness of the hashing algorithm
2) if you've ever considered making CacheKey generation pluggable, so
that applications that needed to could make appropriate tradeoffs of
speed vs. accuracy. 
IBATIS continues to be a joy to work with. Keep up the good work!

james conrad shea
senior developer
traq-wireless, inc.
desk: 512.344.0185 
cell: 512.415.8724 
fax: 512.345.0945 
web: www.traq.com <http://www.traq.com/>  


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