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From "Francisco J. León" <fle...@cantv.net>
Subject Use of <iterate> with conjunctions
Date Sat, 12 Mar 2005 18:15:44 GMT
Hello again guys.

I am using the <iterate> tags that gives me dynamic queries, in this 

<iterate prepend ="AND" property = "myproperty" open ="(" close =")" 
conjunction ="OR">

My question is that if i can dynamically alter the name of the 
conjunction parameter, since i
am doing a search of some words, and i want to search:
  1) any of the words (OR)
2) all of the words (AND)

So if i can do this, i can use the same query statement instead of copy 
& pasting the same
one just to change OR for AND.

I have been able to use nested properties, like a <isGreaterThan> 
inside a <isEmpty>, but
since the conjunction is a parameter of <iterate> the tag isn't closed, 
therefore i get the expected error.

Is there any other way rather than making the extra queries?

Francisco Javier León Arosemena
X Semestre de Lic. en Computación
Maracaibo, Edo. Zulia, Venezuela

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