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From "James, Steven" <Steven.Ja...@logicacmg.com>
Subject RE: Getting the generate primary key
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 16:02:32 GMT
you need to add the 
<selectKey resultClass="int" keyProperty="id" > 
			select LAST_INSERT_ID()  
above is for mysql just change to olacle specific code. etc


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From: Steven Pannell [mailto:steven.pannell@zooplus.com]
Sent: Thu 3/17/2005 3:52 PM
To: 'ibatis-user-java@incubator.apache.org'
Subject: Getting the generate primary key

I want to get the automatically generated key from a newly inserted row (my
oracle database handles the generation of the key via a trigger).  

I followed the docs but it does not appear to be working.


<insert id="writeOrder" parameterClass="Order"  >


Long id = (Long)client.insert(new SqlMapId("writeOrder"),order);

The returned value is always null. but I want the primary key id.

am I doing anything wrong here (using ibatis  I'm sure when i
tried this on an earlier version if iBatis it was working.


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