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From John Fereira <ja...@cornell.edu>
Subject Re: Struggling with insertion of Clob into the database. PS:
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2005 15:39:20 GMT
At 08:10 AM 3/25/2005 -0700, Clinton Begin wrote:
>Yes.  Absolutely.
>I've never been a fan of MoinMoin.   It's crap.
>Confluence is big, slow and overcomplicated.  But at least it works.   :-)

Yes, Confluence (and especially when you add Jira) is big.  I also found it 
to be slow when I first deployed it on a 1.1ghz Pentium III with a gig of 
memory. We've since upgraded the memory to 3 gig and it runs quite fine.  I 
also don't find it overcomplicated and, in fact, quite end user 
friendly.  Having the full notation guide available from any page being 
editing is quite helpful and I find the confluence notation to be more 
intuitive.  If you're going to try and deploy Confluence I would also 
recommend the Jira issue tracking system (it can also be evaluated and 
freely deployed with a OSS license).

BTW, I have no vested interest with Atlassian, but up until I started using 
Confluence (through my participation with the uPortal project) I wasn't 
sold on using wikis but confluence changed my mind.

Since you're using the Apache hardware infrastructure and available wiki 
you may have to deploy confluence (if you choose to go that way) on a 
server installed elsewhere.

>Anyone else have experience with good Wiki solutions?
>(This thread should probably be moved to the ibatis-dev list).

I'm not currently subscribed to the dev list.  What's the traffic level like?

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