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From Vincent <vinc...@xaymaca.com>
Subject Re: implimentation
Date Sat, 26 Mar 2005 18:39:08 GMT
I may be reading this whole thing wrong but why use
a context parameter at all? Can you split the DAO classes
into Something like PersonMysqlDAO  and
  PersonHsqlDAO? Where they would have same/simular method names
and can me called from a service like

updateBothDBs(Integer someID) throws ...  {
PersonMysqlDAO.update(someID) ;
PersonHsqlDAO.update(someID) ;

Don't know if this makes any sense in your situation

James, Steven wrote:
> Hi group,
> just looking for some opinions on this problem. I have a system which comprises
> of a number of application the applications access one of 2 databases (mysql, hsqldb)
> 2 databases both have the same structure ie the tables are the same. They are replicated
> from mysql to hsqldb (the resons for this are due to a complex internal network zone
> I have 2 sets of sqlmaps xml files (due to the use of some propritry sql)
> and config files. One set of buisness objects, java sqlmaps and the services that work
on the data
> ie the buisness logic. What i am looking for opinions on is twhen the services are created
and they get
> the daos they need to work with i want a nice way of the dao knowing which database the
user ie the bl layer
> requires. my proposal so far is to pass a context id or string to the dao but i dont
think that is so neat as i will
> need to pass this to the services and this may need to pass through other layers etc.
Does anyone have an opinion
> on how to best approach this?
> i have written my on simple dao manager and as such do not use the ibatis dao. was this
a mistake?
> Steve...
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